Whether its work or play, people love to wear clothing that looks great and fits well. When this is applied to corporate uniforms, JIMBU’s great value for money doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style. The more modern the uniform, the more staff will care for their clothing and make sure they look good which will lift morale – and happy staff mean happy customers!

When it comes to JIMBU’s branded clothing for promotional purposes, your shirt, jacket or cap gets your brand out there and becomes an item of clothing with an emotional connection. If people feel good in your clothes, they will feel good about your brand.

This emotional connection between brands and clothing offers many opportunities and the team at JIMBU is passionate about helping you find the exact fit between the two. To ensure the right solution for your target market and your campaign, the company has an extensive range of clothing – both stock items and CMT clothing – catering for all styles and budgets.

JIMBU also understand that clothing trends come and go. The same is true for promotional apparel: what’s hot today may be replaced with a different colour and style tomorrow. That’s why the team stays on top of these trends for you so that people will always feel great in your gear.

So whether you are looking for a small or minimum orders for promotional clothing and uniforms where stock items will be supplied or CMT’d clothing that’s customised with higher minimum order quantities, JIMBU will always show you a number of design and style options to meet various budgets.