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At JIMBU your promotional programme gets the careful consideration it deserves. The team will review your objectives, your audience and their needs. What are the best vehicles for reaching your target audience and how can you add impact to your message?

Once this in the bag, the concepts move through to the design phase and this is where the real magic happens. Design has been at the heart of JIMBU ever since its inception, so it’s no surprise that the company offers full service in-house design. Attention to detail and exceptional design ability, JIMBU delivers end-to-send service that will bring your brand to life.

You see, when you look at the various elements in your brand portfolio, you may see a shirt or a menu stand. JIMBU’s design guru’s see another building block to create brand fans.

At JIMBU each item in the brand portfolio gets individual attention asking how the brand identity best carries through into the structural design (if needed) as well as the visual design, including the colours and symbols used. Done right, this golden thread carried across all your branded elements creates interest that boost your visibility. And that’s the sweet spot. That’s when customers connect with your brand and loyalty is born!

So JIMBU could tell you about its industry-leading turnaround times, savings driven efficiencies and in-depth knowledge of branding – but its designs speak for themselves.

Belly Bands

CO2 Laser Engraving


Direct to Print Printing

Digital Printing on Bags

Digital Printing on Drinkware

Digital Printing on Notebooks

Deboss & Dome Combo Branding

Domed Stickers


Foil Hot Stamping

Heat Transfer Printing

Laser Etching on Clothing

Laser Engraving

Pad Printing

Screen Printing

Sublimation Printing

Vinyl Stickers