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Through its operations in China, JIMBU has established and maintained firm business relationships with various third-party supply chain inspection and audit companies who specialise across different industries and/or products.

JIMBU is able to offer its clients third party inspection and audit services via its inspectorate partners which include:

All-inclusive Pricing
An inspection on-site within 24 hours
Technical experts supported at each inspection
Internal monitoring of inspection process
Inspection reports within 24 hours


A factory audit is a useful tool for buyers to assess if the factory has the capability for production.

pre-production inspection (ppi)

PPI is conducted at the beginning of production to verify the equipment, material, methods and production capacity.

during production inspection (dpi)

DPI is used to check the product early in production and to ensure that they conform to the client’s requirements and shipping schedules.

pre-shipment inspection (psi)

PSI is most effective to confirm that the completed production meets the quality, quantity, packaging, specifications etc. as per the pre-production sample.

production process inspection (tpi)

TPI or Third Party Inspectors are resident inspectors at the factory to supervise the whole production process.

container loading supervision (cli)

CLI is a critical process while container loading, to ensure the correct goods and quantity are loaded correctly.

JIMBU provides an independent “one-stop” inspection service:

Via a certified and licensed quality controlled companies assigned to protect your interests.
Provides a professional service throughout the whole process from beginning to end with strict adherence to international standards in respect of product safety and regulatory requirements.
Quantities the presence of its inspection agent at any factory in China within 24 hours with the right to cancel or modify orders up to 24 hours before.
Comprehensive Inspection Reports that includes detailed pictures; you see what the inspector sees!

you’re in great company

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