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Does your brand and organisation span across a number of countries and continents?

JIMBU is familiar with the global brand presence of its customers and accordingly, understands the need for an easy to use central buying platform that removes the burden and/or risks associated with additional costs (different duties, clearance charges, fees, deliveries) relative to the respective ports and countries.

JIMBU has, for the purpose of creating an online central buying platform, invested time, resources and capital into the research of applicable tariffs, duties, clearance charges, rates, taxes and fees associated with exports and can provide a DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) service to its customers that operate in global markets.

JIMBU is proud to offer an easy and convenient tool for the procurement of branded products across different countries.

When using JIMBU’s online central buying platform, the customer/procurement officer is able to place orders for a wide variety of goods and products knowing that:

The product price includes all fees, taxes, duties, as well as delivery costs notwithstanding that certain products, may have been procured from China.
Merchandise procured from China will be supplied directly from China thus avoiding double taxation, saving money, saving time and ensuring consistency of delivery.
When selecting “Express” delivery on the platform, delivery of the merchandise is by airfreight and can be expected within days rather than weeks and months when delivered by sea freight.
When selecting products from the “SADC” category, SADC certificates will be issued that supports local industry as well as exempts duties. 
There is consistency in all signed off products and that the quality and specifications of each respective product are the same as the pre-production samples.


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