Allow JIMBU to take care of your import and/or export logistics needs.

JIMBU has the necessary import and export licences, documentation, international partners, local logistics partners and is able to offer a smooth hassle-free experience to customers wishing to import or export product globally or to move product across countries and continents.

Through its logistics partners, JIMBU:

  • has access to an extensive network of international and global offices across primary trade flow routes enabling it to deliver innovative end-to-end supply chain consulting, solutions and systems.
  • offers competitive international freight products and customised multimodal shipping solutions for unique client needs.
  • offers highly competitive freight rates and services in all modes of transport – airlines, shipping or road.

JIMBU’s supply chain logistics service include all aspects of statutory compliance, transit, warehousing and distribution, project and specialised “out of gauge” cargo management, industrial verticals (Government, Defence and Counter Terror, pharmaceutical and medical devices, food services), and value added services such as Groupage, consolidation and deconsolidation; Price tagging, packaging and labelling; Product quality; port supervision and wharf inspection services

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