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JIMBU is Africa’s most innovative TOTAL solution for the procurement, fulfilment and distribution of branded merchandise, display and visual communications.

Production managers can say goodbye to the days when they had to go to multiple agencies for branded clothing, signage and corporate gifts. JIMBU provides an integrated 360º solution for ALL branded merchandise that’s fast and reliable – at prices that could not be beaten even if they were sourced directly!

JIMBU was born in January 2013 when Chris McNabb graduated from design school. Chris saw an opportunity for a Matric leavers book for his old High School and in November 2013, the Hilton College Leavers’ Book was the company’s first printed product!

Over the next 12 months, Chris built JIMBU’s client base and by the end of 2014, he supplied seven schools with Leavers’ Books and landed a contract to design, print and supply a monthly magazine for a corporate client. In what was a natural evolution, the JIMBU supply chain and product offering grew as the schools asked for more than Leavers’ Books – hoodies, jewellery and other custom products were added to their orders. JIMBU was building a solid reputation for being the leading supplier for Matric end-of-year products.

But this was seasonal supply so Chris decided to broaden his horizons and joined the marketing team in a large corporate where, through a mutual passion for marketing, he quickly connected with Ryan Hack. As their friendship grew, Chris shared his vision to grow JIMBU and Ryan saw the potential – and the two began making plans to build JIMBU together.


At JIMBU, everything is geared towards providing clients with a 360º solution aimed at making business as convenient and cost-effective as possible. JIMBU takes responsibility from conceptualisation to delivery of the finished product, providing clear and compelling guidance, challenging and going beyond what is asked or expected, to make a positive difference and add value.

To gear for this, JIMBU has its own in-house digital agency, production team and distribution team who are all aligned on delivering the highest standards of reliability and quality. It is JIMBU’s partnerships with a massive range of sector specialists that puts the business head and shoulders above any other company in the brand merchandising procurement industry.


At JIMBU, it was quickly realised that when the team was performing at its best, there were distinctive actions being applied that created these results. Over time, these actions have been distilled into our core practices and everyone is totally committed to bringing these – the JIMBU Way of Work – to life. This is not just a programme; it is how we work. It is a set of guidelines that inform the decisions made each day and sit at the heart of how JIMBU operates as a business.

Everyone at JIMBU lives the core practices daily. They are in everything they say and how they act. They help to remind the team what makes the business successful, make clear the expectations for new people and they are even communicated to JIMBU’s clients and suppliers.


1. Strive for client satisfaction at all times. JIMBU takes a broader, more informed approach, digging deeper and going further to lead the way in delivering great value.

2. Understand the client’s brand promise and values. JIMBU always has a positive can-do attitude, readily adapting to needs and circumstances –working with people, not just for them.

3. Promote the client’s brand through customised branded merchandise. JIMBU focusses whole heartedly on clients, working closely and openly with them to look after their interests long-term.

4. Offer a 360º total solution with extensive product ranges and innovative branding solutions. JIMBU takes responsibility from conceptualization to delivery of the finished product, providing clear and compelling guidance, challenging and going beyond what is asked or expected to make a positive difference and add value.

5. Offer brand experience through smart online purchasing platforms which enable convenient, efficient and cost effective procurement & delivery of branded merchandise, gifting and apparel. JIMBU offers and encourages fresh thinking and ideas, taking the initiative for clients, working quickly and smartly, taking informed risks and breaking new ground.

One example of this is our dedicated online stores. Aimed at multi-office companies or franchises, this is an online store that shows all your branded elements from signage to uniforms to decals to menus. Franchisors or office managers select the element they require, enter the quantity and any special information – and with one click, the element goes into production and is delivered as promised. No hidden costs. No fuss!


The JIMBU model is all about making business as convenient and cost-effective as possible by supplying quality products with unparalleled service – which can be summarised as creating an exceptional experience for our clients. This sits at the core of the company’s culture. And to guide this, JIMBU has six values. The team is aligned around these values – and the real power comes from this alignment as everyone understands the behaviour required to deliver the culture.