It’s our supply chain connectedness that has been a catalyst for the organisation to scale effectively. The team has worked tirelessly to build an extensive network of reliable partners that it can turn to to fulfill every request efficiently every time. This means that JIMBU can focus on providing clients with the ease, convenience & cost-savings associated with purchasing and branding product from one point.

In addition, JIMBU only uses the best and most reliable production houses and never compromises on quality. Its production team works directly with the partner’s factory to ensure that every order is on point and that the quality is top notch.

The combination of their supplier’s cutting edge technology and processes with JIMBU’s branding expertise, means that JIMBU offers its clients the ability to take the industry’s most talked-about collections and make them their own.


  • Laser Engravers
  • Print houses
  • Debossing and foiling factories
  • Digital Printers
  • Novelty Printers
  • Pad Printers
  • Screen Printers
  • Embroiders
  • Textile Factories
  • Fabric Dying Factories
  • CMT Factories
  • Importers
  • Knitwear Factories
  • Event Branding Manufacturers
  • Décor Printers
  • Signage Factories
  • Bag Manufacturers
  • Jewellers