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Zero stockholding. Zero risk.

“Gone are the days of carrying stock and tying up precious cash flow in uniforms that may or may not be used.”

A solution, born from the inefficiencies of the industries ordering processes, JIMBU’s “online stores” that are built and developed for its customers have become an industry game-changer. JIMBU develops online stores for its customers that exhibit a range of products inline with their brand identity and positioning, allowing clients to “go online” and place orders for products that they have previously developed and signed off on. JIMBU’s clients’ online store allows their employees to purchase directly off one platform, resulting in consistency in product procurement across the brand.

1. Uniform Range Development

Our creative team, in collaboration with our production team, combine forces and develop a range that meets your brand objectives. Our team will work with you to identify the most appropriate options that are not only creative, innovative and on-brand but are also practical, quality-focused and appropriate for the nature of usage.

2. Manufacturing & Procurement

Our production team includes specialists that understand the processes and developments of uniform manufacturing. Our production team works closely with our extensive network of reliable specialist partners to produce your uniform range. Our supply chain ranges from local factories and stock houses to factories in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Pakistan.

3. Online Store

We provide you with the most advanced easy-to-use online platform. Your custom-built online store is unique to your brand and your requirements. Here, you are able to view all your products, place orders using our wholesale product ordering tool, and checkout. You can check on your order status, download sales orders and update your billing and shipping details through the customer dashboard.

4. Reporting

We provide a live reporting dashboard and you can choose who has access to it. The reporting dashboard provides the following information; revenue reporting, order reporting, product reporting, and customer history reporting.

5. Stockholding & Warehousing

Our commitment is to negate as much risk as possible. We do not expect you to outlay any capital,  hold any stock, nor be liable for any stock! Our just-in-time model enables us the opportunity to manage your stock efficiently without over capitalising. We do carry limited stock in our Durban warehouse across your range for urgent orders.

6. Marketing

Our inhouse creative studio will assist with designing exciting campaigns. Whether we are wanting to launch a new product, build a new range (Valentines, Festive Season, etc.), or promote your online store using emailers and SMS, this is a value-add service that we will assist you with.

7. Quality Control & Delivery

Our quality control team reviews each and every order before warehousing and delivery to ensure the quality is always on point. Every order is filmed in the packaging process prior to dispatch. One of the important characteristics of business is time. Market-leading express delivery and logistics solutions are therefore a strategic part of our model. Our in-house distribution management team works closely with these logistics partners to ensure your business needs are delivered on both a local and international basis.

Case Study

Spur Corporation

Spur Corporation has over 600 outlets worldwide and over 15000 employees, with restaurants in various parts of Africa, Mauritius, the Middle East and Australasia. The challenge was to supply a uniform and promotional range that was not only durable, comfortable, budget-friendly, scalable and on-brand, but also risk-free with a zero liability model. 


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